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Warranty conditions

1.Coptolink guarantees that all Coptolink devices does not contain any factory defects. Coptolink guarantees replace or repair of factory defects, found in Coptolink devices within warranty period.

2.Warranty period for Coptolink devices is 5 years. This period can be changed for some kind of products.

3.Warranty period starts at the moment of shipment, if other terms was not set by an individual contract.

4.Coptolink guarantees free replace or repair of defective devices within warranty period. Coptolink can replace defective devices with another ones with the same or better specifications.

5.Warranty period is paused for the time of repair or replace. In case of replacement, warranty period for replaced part is set to the warranty period of the original one.

6.Compatibility of Coptolink devices with products of other brands is guaranteed only after a special agreement.


Limitation of warranty


Warranty is not applicable to:

devices, which were used in wrong conditions or with violations of their Technical Specification;

devices with signs of unauthorized repair or other mechanical damages;

devices with broken or fake ID labels;

Coptolink is not reliable for all kinds of consequential damages, include, but not limited to, loss of profit, information damage and so on.